OUR  Aquatic Affair

"You know me... since time began, we have been connected. In the womb we were formed together, intricate patterns of design like ripples across the oceans.

I heard your 1st breath and carried that gentle whisper into our memories. Stars and galaxies exploded for our miraculous union and our 1st tear fell like a early morning raindrop across the skies.

Small, yet mighty... yet we were beginning to make waves. Now, you may wonder what does this all mean?

Our aquatic affair. This divine design was not by chance. We are in everything that breathes life. Water is you, me, and we... creating our history.

Secrets revealed in our cells and DNA for eternity. 

Be encouraged. Bring buoyancy back into your heart.

It's a good place to start."

~ Dolphingirl


An Evolution

"Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.”

~ Albert Einstein

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It all started when…

a humpback whale song touched her soul.

Dove Joans, aka "Dolphingirl" has spent her lifetime "cracking the dolphin code" through the cognitive sciences, marine biology, the arts, storytelling, animal behavioral work, acting, the healing arts, as well as experiences in the wild with sentient beings and Nature.
Her investigative research into dolphin communications has spanned over 40+ years, featuring what she’s coined as The Dolphin Memory Movement from empirical evidence.
Her passions include using the arts in enhancing planetary care and love, and has authored Dolphin Talk and is currently working on the I am Dolphin book and film series. Being a voice for animals, cultural heritage, and Nature, Dove has created numerous public service announcements and a short documentary film, We are Water Spirit, officially selected in the 2013 Nashville Film Festival and a finalist in Flickerfest’s Byron All Shorts, part of the biggest short film festival in the world.
She is an active explorer with The Explorer Club and for many years has worked alongside Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, The Dream Foundation, and volunteered for Saddle Up!, a therapeutic riding program for challenged children with horses, as well as animal rescues of the Audubon's "Eyes in the Skies" with wild birds of prey, and the Santa Barbara's Marine Mammal Center, a rescue and release program for injured sea mammals.
Currently, “Dolphingirl” is preparing The Dolphin Smile educational eco-tour and upcoming expedition.

Will include speaking engagements worldwide of interactive "Dolphin Talks,” sharing the science, cultural connections, and secrets behind our aquatic connection, with the power behind animal communications for the 21st century.

Key highlights for the eco-tour and expedition will be leaving waves of “flipper footprints” and being an aquatic super-hero for the planet!



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"Be' Kine" Care Campaign launched the "Aloha Awareness" Art Contest in partnership with USA's General Pencil Company, Inc. for World Reef Day on June 1st, 2019, and beyond!

FOR THOSE WANTING #ARTWARENESS SIGNS or POSTERS FOR THEIR COMMUNITY, OFFICE, or BUSINESS, please contact: https://www.dolphingirl.org/contact

Be' Kine Reefs BEAUTY

These are environmental issues affecting Hawaiian Islands' aina and moana, as well as all of our lives, and affecting our planet's ecosystems for future generations.

#1) “Plastic Pollutes” Reducing Single-Use Plastics

#2) “Saving our Reefs" with Safe-Sunscreens (Hawaii House Bill 2571: https://governor.hawaii.gov/newsroom/latest-news/office-of-the-governor-news-release-governor-david-ige-signs-bill-making-hawaii-first-in-the-world-to-ban-certain-sunscreens)

#3) “Butts off the Beach” Eliminating Smoking, Tobacco Use, & Discarded Trash on all Public Beaches and Parks (Hawaii House Bill 525: https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2015/bills/HB525_SD2_.htm)

Eco-art categories ~ Ages 7-17 and Ages 18+

Winners displayed below. Prizes given. Contest ran May 2nd-31st. Winners announced on World Reef Day, June 1st!

BUTTS off Beach!



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